Welcome To Hexis

Hexis Schooling System is based on the divine value of providing quality education in the most affordable fee structure possible. Helping families nurture is a key objective at Hexis.

Not only does Hexis School offer an affordable fee structure but also focuses on the holistic development of young minds by providing a devoted faculty, organized system and curriculum based events. Take the step towards the New Educational Order!


Transforming diversity into unity


Establishing religious and cultural beliefs


Exhibiting a reformed generation of students

Houses of Hexis

House Of Morphos
House Of Streaks
House Of Karners
House Of Admirals

Hexis School Features

State of the Art Campus

Hexis School has from the date of its establishment has prioritized the presence of all learning facilities to fully equip students via every method.

Devoted Teacher

Hexis School brings in a family of devoted teachers to evolve the traditional teaching approach and communicate the vital knowledge to students with ease.

Holistic Learning

Through our planned curriculum based event and activities we have made learning truly interactive and gave learning a new angle that is more efficient and productive.

Strong Vision

Every day at Hexis is part of a philosophy that exhibits the future of learning and the development in learning techniques that amplify the learning process.

Bespoke Management

The management at Hexis is trained to connect with parents and students to better facilitate them in every way possible. Be it finance, counselling or development.

Affordable Fee Structure

The mindset of every on at Hexis is based on the affordability of education is the most vital aspect in the development of any society of the modern era.

“Message From The Team”

Activities for the year

  • On 10th November, Hexis Family was completed for a couple of hours, our progressive students, their caring parents and their devoted teacher...

  • It's safe to say this was a fun experience for every student on the trip! Students got to understand how big businesses work and learned mod...

  • We welcomed our first batch with happiness, acceptance and joy. Events that get students to interact outside the traditional school life is ...

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