About Hexis School



Hexis School – The Story

Hexis is a word of Latin origin meaning “Skills”. We believe that everyone has a specific set of skills given to them, which on perfecting and polishing are their weapons to wade in the stormy waters of this beautifully destructive paradise called Earth, which we consider, the journey from nothingness to our Destination. We conclude it is the journey and not the destination that matters the most because it is the journey that moulds our personalities and decides who we are meant to be and where we are meant to go.
Hexis is the first step of the New Educational Order.

The Mascot

Butterflies are a deep and powerful representation of the life cycle not only for themselves but us humans as well. A caterpillar has to struggle through the process of metamorphosis and in the end it results in something beautiful and mesmerizing. This transformation journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly is what Hexis is all about.